Two networks one RMX 4000 problems


Two networks one RMX 4000 problems

I have two different networks that need to work on the same RMX 4000, I have plugged network one into the one MPM x card and have plugged the second network into the second MPM x card.


I have created the Default Network service and I can make calls to and from network 1.


Q1. Where do I configure the IP address, subnet mask and gateway for network 2 plugged into the second MPM x card?


Q2. I have tried adding new routes under Router but can’t get calls working to the second network or from it, do I need a License?


Q3. Or do I need to create a second Network Service for the second network as per the admin guide ver 7.2.1 page 501, if so do I need a license and what is that license called?


Q4. As per admin guide one needs to load the following system flag “MULTIPLE_SERVICES = YES” , this does not load it says something about a license, what license please?



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Re: Two networks one RMX 4000 problems



There are licenses with can extend the functionality of your RMX. One of these is indeed support of Multiple Network services which you need to support your different network requirements. I would suggest contacting a reseller or the person/group who sold you the RMX to see how about purchasing this additional license. See my screenshot from my System Information page below:





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Re: Two networks one RMX 4000 problems

Thanks for you feedback, I will order the license

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