RealConnect and CSS integration - FIXED


RealConnect and CSS integration - FIXED

Hi All,


I just thought I'd drop this very important bit of information that is completely missing from any Polycom documentation - or at least that I can find... Thanks to T3 support for giving the script...


In order to get CSS 1.4 working with RealConnect - by default the DMA fails to route it Lync/Skype. You need to;

1. Create a new Dial Rule that is set to - Resolve to External SIP Peer

2. Enable the preliminary script and type in this...


// user agent header will identify the caller as a CSS.
var userAgentHeader=getHeader("User-Agent");
if ( userAgentHeader == null || !userAgentHeader.match(/CSS Lync Gateway/g) )
return NEXT_RULE;




Problem fixed!



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Joe F
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Re: RealConnect and CSS integration - FIXED

Tifosa, what was the External SIP Peer this dial rule is using? Lync Front End?

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Re: RealConnect and CSS integration - FIXED

Hi Joe,

Yes the SIP peer should point to the Lync front end servers you've configured in the External SIP Peers under the DMA. These are all your Lync front end servers.

Note: If you have multiple front end servers then the Lync SIP URI account you use should be one for each server and should be located on the front end pool, otherwise you'll see errors.
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