RMXs cascade link layout


RMXs cascade link layout

I have DMA 7000  with two RMXs.


need to know the Video Layout at participants site.


Need to see all the participants from both RMXs in single Screen ( Side by SIDE )


DUal MOnitor Emulution .

Sumurai Jack.
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Re: RMXs cascade link layout

Hi Sumurai,


If you configure a Conference Template in DMA then you can either select an Existing RMX Profile or you can define your own profile.


I found that if you configure your own Conference Template in DMA for RMX then the RMX Skins in the DMA Selection shows 4 differect Skins, the top 2 with the grey/blue background is a full particpant view and the bottom two is a Polycom Blue background with Participant view in a block highlighted yellow or orange.


So, select the top left Skin and you will have a full Participant view when DMA creates conference on RMX.


Hope this answers your question.


Kind Regards,

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