RMX2000 and Firefox browser

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RMX2000 and Firefox browser

Hope this is the right forum to post a question about the RMX2000.  I'm noticing that the RMX 2000 web interface does not work on Firefox.  I'm running version 7.1 on my RMX and Firefox v5.  Not really a big deal because I can use IE just fine but am wondering if this is a known issue or if my settings are wrong on the browser.  When I type in the URL (IP address) for my RMX, it automatically tries to go to:


I'm not sure where the "#fromThis" is coming from, which is probably why it won't display the welcom page.



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Re: RMX2000 and Firefox browser



The RMX uses an application called EMA for web management. The EMA application is programmed in Microsoft's .NET Framework. Because it is based on .NET, it will only work in Internet Explorer because only Internet Explorer has native support for the .NET Framework.


I hope this answers your question.

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Re: RMX2000 and Firefox browser

Although this is completely unsupported (and I have yet to test it) you could try installing the .NET add-ins for Firefox:



Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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