RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

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RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

List of known issues as a result of the upgrade as (reported by) either the Polycom Community or VCI-Group Members:


1) (Community) Unable to upload custom WELCOME SLIDES in the ENTRY_QUEUE configuration.

a) SEE: http://community.polycom.com/t5/Bridging/Modifying-Video-Welcome-Slide/m-p/14289/highlight/false#M35...


2) (VCI-Group) Address book WEBSITE ADDRESS issue.

a) In the RMX address book, which is used to add participants to both reservations as well as ongoing conferences, one of the fields in the properties is a website address for the VTC unit.  This is sometimes added to enable easier remote management of the VTC unit, so it is a non-essential parameter. If ANY participant has that field populated the ENTIRE conference simply vanishes.


b) The last octet gets removed from the WEBSITE field.


3) (VCI-Group) Issues Caused by Encryption being Enabled


a) If encryption is turned on in the conference profile, meetings vanished just at the moment they should have launched.


b) Encryption in the conference profile caused our audio conferences to fail to connect.  


4) (VCI-Group) Meeting Rooms Issues


a) A Meeting Room with any kind of text in the INFO FIELD on the INFO TAB (which is displayed during the Gathering Phase), when saving the Meeting Room change it turns into a SIP Factory.


b) Changing the properties for a Meeting Room or reservation to include an ISDN dial-in participant (usually an audio-only caller) and selecting a service other than "default" will cause the Meeting Room to turn into an Entry Queue.


5) (VCI-Group) Administrative Non-Issues


a) To allow voice calls into an "encrypted" bridge room you need to make sure that the system flag "ALLOW_NON_ENCRYPT_PARTY_IN_ENCRYPT_CONF" is marked as YES.  This will allow voice calls to enter the encrypted room.   This can be found under menu:  SETUP | SYSTEM CONFIGURATION.


Derek Abrams, Principal Sr. Analyst
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Re: RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

I am currently using RMX V 7.6.0 and was planning to move to V 7.6.1. Looking at the issues below, I am a bit worried about the upgrade now.


Have you also upgraded from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1? was everything running fine in previous version?




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Re: RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES



There is an HotFix available which I know addresses the Meeting Room to SIP factory issue and possibly others. You can call into T2 to get the HF or wait until the next version after 7.6.1 gets released.



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Re: RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

There will be a new build of RMX software - which will have these fixes in it. The estimated GA release date is next week - 5/14. QA is currently testing this version. Once I get the list of issues it resolves, I will post it here.



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Re: RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

So, to make things hopefully less confusing, there will be a new version of RMX software v7.6.1.138 which include most if not all of the issues previously indentified and some more. This will take place in the next few days or so.


I have attached the release notes as a preview as it is a bit easier than copying the list of issues resolved.





Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: RMX v7.6.1.136 ISSUES

Hello Derek,


now that the has been released could you be so kind and update this post?


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


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