RMX 2000 (v7.6) - Entry Queue

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RMX 2000 (v7.6) - Entry Queue




We have an RMX 2000 (software version 7.6) which is integrated with the following:


  • Avaya Session Manager 6.1 (voice only)
  • Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 (video)

We are facing a difficulty when trying to separate entry queues for video and voice calls.


I have created separate IVRs, Profiles and Entry Queues to try and isolate the two services since the security requirements for voice and video conferences are different.

The voice IVR, Profile and EQ is defined to require Chairperson and Conference passwords, whereas the video IVR does not.

In addition, the voice EQ does not have Ad Hoc enabled while the video EQ does.

We have two PRIs connected and configured (service supplied by BT in the UK - ISDN30) and the lead number is defined for the voice EQ.

As for the Transit EQ - I set the video EQ for that, to allow Ad Hoc calls from OCS and video endpoints to be available on the fly, if needed.


So far everything seems in place, however whenever trying to call directly to the voice EQ (lead number) I still get routed through the Transit EQ which is for video.


We also have an additional RMX (4000 v7.2 , connected to the same OCS server, no Avaya and two PRIs connected and configured) and I did a simulation by doing the same IVR, Profile and EQ simulation and it worked perfectly.



What could be causing the issue? Did I miss a flag in the system settings?



Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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