RMX 2000 rebooting on its own

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RMX 2000 rebooting on its own

We have upgraded the software version to MCU version


After this we have been having frequent problems with the RMX 2000. The system reboots on its own frequently.


Any ideas of how to resolve this issue?





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Re: RMX 2000 rebooting on its own

Hi! Does it have any error message when booting up or something?


I would try to install an even newer version for the RMX as we're currently in 7.6, obviously, if the time between booting is long enough (last upgrade on our RMXs was done in about 30 minutes, no longer).


Hope it helps, not the most helpful solution, but just a suggestion.



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Re: RMX 2000 rebooting on its own

If you connect a serial cable to the serial port on the back and use PuTTy you can watch the boot process.  This may yeild some clues as to what the cause is.  I remember the speed was 115200.  I don't recall off hand what the other comm settings were.  I can find out once I get back to my desk if you need me to.

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Re: RMX 2000 rebooting on its own

My RMX 2000 was rebooting on it's own too.  I created a ticket with Polycom Support and I got a different version of software (7.8.something) that wasn't available for download but once they looked at the logs I was able to download and install it.


Good Luck,



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