RMX 2000 auto layout not showing CP

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RMX 2000 auto layout not showing CP

Hi All,


I have setup RMX 2000 meeting rooms at 768kbps with auto layout to be used mostly

by some old Tandberg 1000s.  Instead of CP, I am getting video switched connections.

I can manually set o2x1 or 2x2 laouts and those are shown, but it would be better for

the remote sites to have access to CP automatically.


I have tried changing the line rate, video quality, content, and legacy settings with

no change.  I am writing to see if I am missing something obvious.


Thank you,



RMX 2000 MPM+40 running V7.2.2


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Re: RMX 2000 auto layout not showing CP



How many people are in the calls? The RMX will do voice switching if there are only two people in the call when in auto layout. Also, if you are using gathering phase, the layout can get stuck in personal mode, so I would also disable gathering phase and see if that makes a difference.

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