RMX 1000 Routing

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RMX 1000 Routing

Good Afternoon,


I need an opinion on whether this is possible. I've got a separate MPLS network for conferencing use only (we do a lot of it) with HDX 6000's in each site.


We brought on an additional site that is not tied to the video network. I thought i could just add a route for that network to our RMX under ip settings lan 1 and router - When i add the route click ok and reboot the route does not stick. When i log in again it doesn't come back.


any thoughts on why the route doesn't stick?





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Re: RMX 1000 Routing



Could you provide a little more information on your situation? The main reason that a route wouldn't take would be if the RMX rebooted and couldn't arp to the gateway. Are the gateways you are defining on the same subnet as the RMX? What are the IP addresses of all these devices?

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