QOS problem


QOS problem

Hello Everybody,


We are facing a big problem in our work , when we make call between any two polycom device over ip network , we found delay in movement of persons , we investigate the problem and we suggest the problem in QOS , so that we want your help to adjust QOS in cisco switches to be match with QOS on polycom devices , QOS on cisco switches and routers  using this command (mls qos trust dscp ) for each interface and QOS on poloycom device using Diffserv with value [ voice =5 , video =4 , control =3] , Please view the following contents of our network :

1- we have cisco core switch 4530

2- we have cisco access switch 2960

3- we have ciso router 2800 (Branches connection to connect branches of our work)

4- we have cisco router 3600 (internet connection to connect any end point in the world)

5- we have end point video conference (HDX 8000 series)

6- we have RMX 2000

7- we have CMA 4000


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