Presentation Mode


Presentation Mode

Hey guys,


Looking to see if anyone has a quick fix (flags) when using Presentation Mode.


My scenario is I have a weekly meeting that involves 15 offices...


We configure the conference to do Presentation Mode and Auto Layout...


The behavior we are seeing is that if I am in Office A and someone from Office B starts to talk, after 1-2 seconds they go from a small box in the layout to the larger box.  Then if they keep talking, it takes about 15 seconds before they go full screen.


Is there a way to adjust the threshold on this?  We would like them to go full screen after 1-2 seconds after they go from the small box to larger box.





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Re: Presentation Mode

Hi Jon,


Did anyone ever get back to you regarding the presentation mode threshold switching time?  I'm being asked the same question and haven't been able to find any information outside of your post.  Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,

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