Polycom RMX 4000, questions about power supply.

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Polycom RMX 4000, questions about power supply.

Good day!
I'm trying to figure out a few questions about the uninterruptible power supply of the device, but data sheet of RMX 4000 does not provide clear answers:
1. What is the maximum nominal consumption of the device? 1500W, 2000W, 3000W?
2. Where is the redundant power supply slot located? Edge or middle? Or is there no difference and it can be the first, second or third in a row?
3. How is power divided between the two power supplies? Do power supplies equally share the nominal power consumption of the device? For example 1500W/2ps = 750W consumption for one power supply? Is the third backup power supply consuming at this time?
4. What happens if 2 of the 3 power supplies go off?


Thanks a lot for the answers!

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