PCO Outlook 2010 Issue

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PCO Outlook 2010 Issue

Hello all...


I've got PCO installed and partially working.  When I create an invitation in Outlook, and hit the conference button, I get an area of the invite with "VMR ENCODED TOKEN", but the portion driven by the template does not appear.  I click on/off the Polycom invite a few times, and sometimes I do get the information from the template (but don't, more often than not).  The attached image is most typical. 


Anyone else having trouble getting a consistent meeting invite with template information?








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Re: PCO Outlook 2010 Issue



Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have a user with the same issue.




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Re: PCO Outlook 2010 Issue



Does this happen to one user or all users? Does it work ok for any user? This helps narrow down the issue to either software or permissions. What is not happening is the word RTF template is not being programmatically imported into the meeting invite. This could be because of several reasons. I would start by checking the version of .Net framework. I noticed MS has released some more versions which I am pretty sure Polycom did not test. There is also a newer version of PCO that was released, mainly to address the certificate signing popup about the certificate expired. Next I would turn my attention to the event viewer and enter a filter of OUTLOOK or VSTO. See if there are any clues in there which may lead you to the root cause.



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Re: PCO Outlook 2010 Issue

Thanks for your reply! I will check the next time I am able to connect with the customer.


Another bit of interesting information, he indicated it worked ok when he was at home however, when he got to the office it didn't work again. He even disabled all of his network connections while at the office, still the same issue. 

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Re: PCO Outlook 2010 Issue

Sorry, it does work ok for almost all of the users. We have a few that we are unable to fix. 

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