Multipoint capable of IP-to-ISDN?

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Multipoint capable of IP-to-ISDN?

In a situation where my organization would be running an HDX 8000 and utilizing Global Video Services (therefore being IP Based), would we still need a bridge such as an RMX to reach an external ISDN network for a conference? Or will integrated Multipoint actually cover IP-to-ISDN communications? I'm still rather unclear on what Multipoint actually is.


Thank you in advance.

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Joe Vallender
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Re: Multipoint capable of IP-to-ISDN?

Multipoint capability in an HDX means the video unit supports hosting multiple connections to other video endpoints in a conference call.  Those endpoints can be whatever network connections are supported/configured by the HDX and its local network.


For the HDX to connect to an ISDN site an IP/ISDN gateway is needed.  If you do a simple search of 'polycom hdx 8000 isdn' you will find numerous documents/discussions of what is available.

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Re: Multipoint capable of IP-to-ISDN?

With optional network module (QuadBRI or PRI) HDX 8000 support calls through ISDN network (Rec. ITU-T H.320).

With optional MPPlus license HDX 8000 can host mixed IP (H.323, SIP) and ISDN (H.320) multipoint conference.


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