MGC+ Exclusive Speaker functionality

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MGC+ Exclusive Speaker functionality

On MGC+ systems we used to have a function called Exclusive Speaker, which allowed the admin to define a participant as the conference lecturer, making all other participants muted. As our customer was used to this and now has evolved to a RMX, how can we reach it?


Thanks in advance!

Joao Aguiar
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Re: MGC+ Exclusive Speaker functionality

Hi Joao,


In the RMX, this functionality has been moved to the DTMF codes in the conference IVR services. It is now a chairperson command called "Mute All Except Me." The default value for this code is *5, while #5 is the command to unmute.




The conference Chairperson can be defined manually, by a bridge operator. Or a particpant can sign in as a chairperson by using the DTMF code assigned to that function. By defaul, it is *76. Participants using the DTMF code to make themselves the chair will need to enter the chairperson password for that conference.


Hope this helps,

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