MGC-100 - Random IVR message interruptions

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MGC-100 - Random IVR message interruptions




We are facing a very weird issue with our Polycom MGC-100.



The technical details of the system are:

  • MCU Ver.:
  • MCMS Ver.:
  • Audio Cards (+48/96): Harware version 1.24.0 and Software version 0.00.755

At the moment, we have three audio cards (the bridge serves as an audio bridge) and is working on a daily basis (in average there are over 60 calls a day, with varying amount of participants between 6-40 people per call).



The issue is the following -


At random intervals, the Password Messages (IVR) cuts in an ongoing conference call.

To clarify - the conference calls are in session (everyone is authenticated and the call is active for some time) and the messages appear out of the blue.

To solve the issue, the participants have to stop the conference, disconnected and reconnect.



Has anyone encountered this?
If yes, what could be the solution?



Thank you in advance,

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