MCU interaction with Gatekeeper (PathNavigator)

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MCU interaction with Gatekeeper (PathNavigator)

I am completely new to Polycom world and I have some difficulties in understanding interaction between Polycom elements.

 Let me describe the situation: 

   In the office, there are these Polycom elements: HDX7000 Endpoint, RMX1000 MCU, RSS4000(Video recording server), and        PathNavigator 7.0 installed on Win2003 Server. HDX7000 ( and RMX1000 MCU ( are both              registered  to PathNavigator Gatekeeper( At the edge of the network NAT is done in such way: --> x.x.x.1 --> x.x.x.2

I am creating conference at MCU and local endpoint can join it with no problem. My question is which IP external endpoints must use to join that conference too. MCU is registered with Gatekeeper and Gatekeeper is NATted (x.x.x.2).

How I can make that I can join external conferences from my endpoint and external endpoints can join my conference.

Please help, that is very important for me.

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Re: MCU interaction with Gatekeeper (PathNavigator)

For successful external calls, we strongly recommend the use of a VBP (http://bit.ly/wwxMNO) We have various different models depending on how much bandwidth you want to put through it.


Alternatively, the RMX has 2 LAN ports.  You could configure one port as LAN side and the 2nd port as WAN side, users could then hit the RMX directly. 



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