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I know this must be an easy question but are there logs files I can check to see when a bridge was opened? Where can I get that information?

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Our bridges have pretty robust logging facilities, but could you be more specific? What kind of bridge (RMX, MGC)? And what exactly are you looking for? Login records are logged in the logger diagnostic files, but it can be extremely difficult to find specific logins as each logger covers only a short period of time.

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I am echoing Cholton's request.  We have an RMX-2000 running  Ever since we upgraded our firewall remote sessions are dropping after several minutes (usually 5-10 minutes).  It would seem clear the firewall is the culprit since it is the new device, but it also seems strange that the sessions can be established but not maintained.  I am hoping to get a better understanding of the RMX-2000 logging capabilities to see if there indications of what is causing the dropped sessions. 



David Cochran
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