HDX and Lync Online Meeting


HDX and Lync Online Meeting

We have a number of Polycom HDX4500 and HDX7000 endpoints, connected to a CMA4000 Manager. We also have a RMX2000 Conferencing Bridge and a VBP5300 Internet Border Proxy. Our CMA4000 is integrated with our Microsoft Lync environment and i'm able to make SIP video calls between the Polycom endpoints and Lync clients. We do not have a Lync Federation server.


An external company has asked us to join a video conference they are hosting using Microsoft Online Meetings. I can connect to this meeting by clicking on the link https://meet.baseplan.com/janetr/5SM0DMYT in the meeting invite. This joins me using the Lync client on my PC.


How can I join this conference using on of the Polycom HDX endpoints?


If not, how can I get my HDX endpoints to talk to the external parties Lync server?


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Re: HDX and Lync Online Meeting

Hi there...

imho you would need a lync edge server and a federation to the other company.

Maybe one of the "lync guys" knows a workaround.

Kind regards,
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Re: HDX and Lync Online Meeting



If your client is able to join the Lync Online Meeting, then so should the HDX which has been fully intgrated into Lync. If this is the case, then you should be able to add the HDX to your contact list. When you join the meeting, maybe you can drag your HDX from the Lync contact list into the meeting.


The HDX may need to have the RTV license in order to fully work with the Lync MCU a/v protocols.


Check out the following link and navigate to page 29 for other details:




BTW- an edge server is only needed if you want to provide external access to your internal Lync resources.



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Re: HDX and Lync Online Meeting

Does the 'Join now' button appear on the HDX when viewing the invitation from the external company?


Does the HDX successfully join Online Meeting invitations created by your own Lync users?

Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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Re: HDX and Lync Online Meeting

From a Lync perspective,  both companies must use open federation for their Lync environments so that any communications can go between the two companies.  OR each company can do explicit federation and only allow the other companies SIP domain. 


Once the federation works, and you can video call from Company A Lync user to Company B Lync user, then I would assume an HDX should be able to do the same thing.

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Re: HDX and Lync Online Meeting

I have the same Issue. How can I join a meeting from the normal call dialogue, or from the web interface, WITHOUT calendar integration. 




into the call box does not work.


I am trying to join a meeting within my organization, over the lan.

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