Failure to Preview Video on RMX 2000

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Failure to Preview Video on RMX 2000


Hi, until recently I've had no issues when using the "view participant video" feature on our RMX to check the current status of ongoing conferences. Within the last week I've been receiving a message alert that says:


"Failed to Preview Video: Failure Status"  (Attached as image)


I've tried to do some searches to see if anyone else has had this issue but couldn't find any articles pertaining to this problem. I'd like to get this feature to work as it assist with troubleshooting since our sites are spread out over such a large geographical area. Any help would be much appreciated!








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Re: Failure to Preview Video on RMX 2000



A couple of the most common causes:


Running RMX manager on 64 bit windows 7 causes some issues, try running it in a 32 bit environment.


If your activeX plugins are not up to date or corrupted, that can cause problems. So updating ActiveX can help.


Using a 64 bit browser has issues as well, so make sure you are using the 32 bit IE if you are using a browser.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Failure to Preview Video on RMX 2000

These councils haven't helped :(

win7 32bit, IE 8, activex is enabled, Adobe Flash and DirectX installed.

Direct Draw, Direct3D, Acceleration AGP is enabled.

video nVidea Geforce 6600.


What ideas still are?




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