Default thread pool name detected


Default thread pool name detected

Hello,  i'lm looking for information about RPRM scheduling problem:

Conference never start and sequence is always the same in conference.log :

  • Scheduling
  • createOrUpdateVMR
  • scheduleDMAConference
  • deleteOrUpdateVMR
  • Cancel


Errors i can find in Jserver.log :

- Default thread pool name detected!!! Please rename the thread pool with class com.polycom.rm.shared.thread.DefaultThreadFactory!!!  

- Bridge with id[25efe02f-adc1-48f8-8151-e9cb9f98cf11] does not exist  

- Invalid conferenceid is null  

- getMcuPoolOrderList() received WebServiceException: Status = 304 Message = HTTP 304 Not Modified

Can you help me? 

  • GROUP SERIES v6.1.2
  • RPRM : 10.1.0_87
  • DMA : 6.4.1_P4_Build_238776
  • RPAD : 4.2.5_build_236400
  • RMX :

Thanks, regards 

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Re: Default thread pool name detected


In Polycom DMA documentation we have a naming convention explaining that POOL ORDER should be named to be presented first in the RealPresence Resource Manager system for scheduling.

- Does it mean that it MUST be in first to run or if it's in second and User select it anyway it would work too? I mean is it necessary to be in first NOT ONLY for user to select it easily ?

If it's imperative to be in first i should modifiy its name as it's the second after AUTO POOL ORDER

Naming Conventions for Pool Orders

If you have a Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager system that is configured to schedule conferences on the RealPresence DMA system’s conferencing resources (MCU pools), you must create MCU pools and pool orders specifically for use by the RealPresence Resource Manager system. The pool orders should be named in such a way that:

They appear at the top of the pool order list presented in the RealPresence Resource Manager system.

Users will understand that they should choose one of the RealPresence Resource Manager system’s pool orders.


Thanks for help


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