Cisco endpoints connecting into VMR

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Cisco endpoints connecting into VMR


We have a RMX 2000 version, and when we have a cisco endpoint connect into any of our VMR's the video is real choppy and lags. One of the sites trying to connect actually had a polycom in the same room, and they connected via both. The polycom was perfect while the the cisco endpoint was still choppy and lagged. I have enabled TIPS on the the VMR and it has not helped. Our VMR is set for 4mb bandwidth.


The cisco camera is connecting at 2.5mb, and their polycom connected at 768

Also we had a test VMR from polycom so both sites connected to it, and video was perfect!


Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?


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Re: Cisco endpoints connecting into VMR

Interesting. RMX ver is not a GA build that I'm aware of... (I know of RMX 1500/2000/4000 released ver; see http://bit.ly/13XXMH4 for the list), so don't know if there's somethign special for your organization/needs about ver .335


However, in general, what endpoint are you using?   You said Cisco, but not which model. You might want to check the specific release notes for 7.8 (at http://bit.ly/1wlfqfP ) to ensure your model was tested (but it should be ok given you worked on a Polycom-owned bridge). 


Are you connecting SIP or H.323?  Are there any errors showing in the call statistics on either the bridge or the endpoint?  Can you look and see what resolution is being negotiated on the Cisco codec?  Is the call HD (and are you getting errors) or are you negotiating something less than HD and that's why there's poor quality? 


A little more info might help.  



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