Automating DTMF tones through RMX 2000

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Automating DTMF tones through RMX 2000

We have a pair of RMX 2000 bridges I setup a bridge call leveraging real-presence and a Lync meeting

fine..I connect into my lync meeting...I then want to get an external participant via our VBP into this conference.  The problem is the external participant has a tanberg bridge in the when I connect to him via his ipaddress i get this menu.

The menu basically says "Enter 1" to enter credentials

I cant seem to generate a DTMF "1" from the bridge with pauses to get by this.....I have to do it manually in the room (legacy rm)

after the "Enter 1" from the menu, it will then ask for ConfID and Passcode...


I *thought* I could do something like "" in the ALIAS field but it doesnt work!


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance I love Polycom go team!


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Re: Automating DTMF tones through RMX 2000

Pretty sure you have a DTMF mismatch as the RMX will only send g711 dtmf in band and encoded in the audio string.


Cisco side is looking for RFC2833 or Out of band. Would need an MTP in the middle here if trying to send DTMF from the bridge to basically make it RFC 2833 DTMF



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