Voyager Focus UC not syncing with Teams properly

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Voyager Focus UC not syncing with Teams properly



I am using a Poly Voyager UC headset connected to the BT700 dongle that came with the headset. I am using it on a Lenovo notebook with Windows 10 and Microsoft teams.


My problem is that the headset does not sync with teams corerctly all the times, and the issues occur randomly and not always the same way:

- sometimes,  only either the speaker or the headset is set to use the Poly BT700 device, and the other one uses the integrated speaker or microphone of the PC. Sometimes only the MIC or the Speakers are used, sometimes none, and I have to change it back so that both microphone and audio are being used by teams

- Sometimes, the mute function is not synced properly, i.e. I am on mute in teams, but the dongle still shows blue color, or sometimes the other way round.

- sometimes, when I accept a call, before I can talk, the mute-state changes several times, the headset "talks" to me: "Mute on - mute off - mute on". Without any obvious reason.

So at the moment, it feels like spinning the wheel of fortune if everything syncs fine with teams or not. This happens all the time since I own this headset, and I would like to know how to make the whole process more stable and reliable.

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