Voyager Focus 2 bluetooth auto mute all the time

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Voyager Focus 2 bluetooth auto mute all the time



I have a problem with my new Voyager Focus 2 in bluetooth mode. Currently, every 5-10 minutes the headset mutes the mirco automatically. I read that this could happen because of the wearing sensor. So I deactivated the sensors in Poly Lens App and it worked well when I use the USB Dongle. But the problem still occours in bluetooth mode.

I tried to disable the sensors by holding the mute and call button for 4 seconds, but this should only work in usb dongle modus? In bluetooth mode I am not able to disable the sensor. 


For me this is a big issue because I need to use the headset with bluetooth as well. And it is not an option to push the mute button every 5 minutes because the headset mutes me automatically all the time.


Is there someone who now a solution for this issue?





USB Dongle Version: 0.0.693.3686 (no updates available)

Focus 2 Version: 0.0.787.4266. (no updates available)

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