Voyager 6200 UC mic delay

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Voyager 6200 UC mic delay

We switched most of our users to softphone, with the majority having a Voyager 6200 UC headset.

It was spotted early on that there was a mic delay of 5-10 seconds for some users, before the recipient could actually here them, whereas this wasn't an issue for a handful of users using the Blackwire 5200 wired USB headsets.

Through process of elimination, I thought it was actually the Poly Lens app at the root of the fault and uninstalled the app from all laptops. However, its still posing an issue for a bunch of users (not to mention our customers). Oddly, I don't have the issue myself.

Has anyone else come across this or know of the cause/solution?

In addition to the mic issue, we're also getting complaints about background noise being picked up, which looks as if ANC isn't doing such a great job.



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Re: Voyager 6200 UC mic delay

Has anyone gotten a resolution to this issue?  I have tried multiple 6200 UC headsets as well as the BT700 and they all have the same behavior.  Poly support has only offered settings changes which had no effect.

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