Voyager 5200 cold weather performance and boom covers

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Voyager 5200 cold weather performance and boom covers

Device: Voyager 5200

Serial: 262UEC

Firmware: v.510


My headset performs so poorly in low temperatures that it is unusable. I'd say the microphone ceases to pick up my voice at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit.


I really love the device, and it performs wonderfully in mild temperatures. I walked through a busy airport terminal and ran an audio test, and it cut out virtually all background noise. Excellent!


So I would like to add a cold-weather boom microphone cover to my device (in hopes that it will keep the microphone warm enough to function). Is this accessory available, or does anyone have any ideas for retrofitting a product made for another device?

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Re: Voyager 5200 cold weather performance and boom covers

Hello @nathanbrisk ,


Welcome to Poly Community.


The headset model is equipped with mic. which is rated to function in temperature below 0 degrees. If you are facing issues then we suggest you to raise a technical ticket with our support teams so that they can assist you accordingly.


Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as an Poly employee. Please raise a ticket with Poly Technical Support.

You should provide the following details to our tech support while raising a ticket:

• Video of issue if possible as it will help visualize the issue.
• Serial number and firmware version of headset/speaker/USB dongle when issue is noticed.

• Is issue from day one or recently started?


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Re: Voyager 5200 cold weather performance and boom covers

Known issue on poly support and they cannot do anything.. They changed model or some parts on it ~2020-2021 and after that all models have that issue.. Its all of them.. they have replaced many of them. but it is feature Maybe they fix it some day????!!!!! I really hope.. They will lost many customers because of that..

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