Volume changes on its own

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Volume changes on its own

I have a Focus UC which suddenly started changing volume on its own.  It will be working fine, and then all of a sudden ramp the volume to maximum (or minimum).  It acts as if the switch was stuck.  If I try to change the volume back, it will fight me.  Power cycling the headset sometimes fixes this.


I am getting sick of this.  I haven't had the headset for even a year and it is acting up.


I looked at the support section, but do not see any option to update firmware.  I see the release notes, but no download.   But I suspect the hardware is faulty and firmware will not help.  I figure that I will ask here to see if this is  a common issue, and if there is a fix that I'm not aware of.


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Re: Volume changes on its own

I've just started having this same issue recently as well. I killed all the Plantronics software processes and the issues persists so I don't think it's related to software. I unplug the headset dongle and the issues goes away so something with the headset for sure. 

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