Swapping left and right audio channel?

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Swapping left and right audio channel?

I recently purchased the Voyager 4320 UC headset. The promotional materials indicate that the headset can be used with the mic boom either on the left or the right side.


While this is true, having the mic on the left results in the stereo sound being swapped when streaming (left channel in the right speaker and vice versa).


I'm wondering if it would be possible for Poly to add an option to the firmware (and the Hub/Lens software) to swap the left/right audio channels for users who prefer to have the mic on the left?


It seems like a pretty obvious feature to add but perhaps the hardware lacks the necessary capabilities?

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Re: Swapping left and right audio channel?

Hello @mil,

Welcome to Poly Community and thank you for sharing this.


Thank you for highlighting this. Sadly this is not the right platform to submit feature requests.


Any feature request/s related to USB headsets/speakers/Personal video cameras/Video bars can be submitted via our technical support channels (phone/email/chat). Poly ticketing system has an option to record such comments/requests as constructive feedback which is regularly reviewed by our concerned teams and depending on what features are being demanded by majority of users or have great impact on most users then those may get included in future firmware releases depending on feasibility and business justification. 

Please raise a ticket with Poly technical support to get this recorded so that we are aware what you need specifically from the given product and whether it becomes a possibility or not at least it is in our database for future references when designing/implementing any new features or maybe when launching new products/services.


Please ensure you always check the FAQ's.

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Re: Swapping left and right audio channel?

I have the same problem and I consider it a flaw as long as there is not option in the software to deal with the correct right and left channels.


My point is that I use these headphones for virutal racing and sound is a very important feedback when racing with multiple cars around you.


Mine is a Voyager Focus UC.

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