Reset BT600 and/or Voyager UC

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Reset BT600 and/or Voyager UC

BT600 running firmware 2120

Voyager Focus UC running firmware 713


I was messing around and paired some Sony earbuds with the BT600, thinking I could reset everything back to defaults later. The experiment wasn't a great success and I decided not to use the earbuds through the BT600.


However I can't seem to find an option to reset either the BT600 or the Voyager Focus UC. Does one exist? (I know, I should have checked before tinkering... :))


Edit: I was looking for a reset option on the hardware, e.g. press a button for 10 seconds etc. There is a reset option in the Plantronics Hub software for both the dongle and the headset, but does that fully reset or just clear settings managed by the software? It didn't remove the headset's pairing with my phone. Is there a full reset option?



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Re: Reset BT600 and/or Voyager UC

Hi @preacher65 


Not so long ago I was looking for similar info. There is nothing in official manuals. I had to ask Poly support to get that answer.


So for resetting Poly headset pairings - you have to install Plantronics Hub app from Google Play Store. Then you want to go into Settings > Reset device.


As for resetting BT600 dongle, here is what I was adviced:

"For BT600 you can check your PC-Printer and driver-Remove BT600 and then unplug BT600 and plug to any another USB port in PC and test."

I haven't checked that one though.




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