PLT E-50 Factory Reset & Firmware Update

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PLT E-50 Factory Reset & Firmware Update


My Plantronics E-50 headset has been connecting to an unknown device recently (one that I have never paired with and cannot locate). Before scrapping it as a security risk, I wanted to try factory  resetting it and updating its firmware because I like the headset. The call audio is good both ways, and it's comfortable to wear. I was not able to locate instructions for factory resetting the headset, so I headed down the to basement where it wasn't receiving signal from whatever other device it was connecting with, and tried to update the firmware using the Plantronics Hub. Unfortunately, the Hub didn't recognize any headset as connected to my computer when I plugged it in.


So I have two questions: 1) How do I factory reset the device? and 2)  How do I get the Plantronics Hub to recognize the headset, so I can update the firmware?

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