PLT Backbeat GO 410 cutting connection and audio


PLT Backbeat GO 410 cutting connection and audio

I've been using the Backbeats for about 4 years by now, and just recently have had problems with them. Whenever I turn them on, they sometimes cut the audio completely, and nothing is playing, not even the noise-cancelling background noise. 

Usually, they'd say "Power on. Battery high. Phone 1 connected." and then I can hear that they're on by the noise they give off. I don't exactly know if it's the noise cancelling stuff making that noise, but regardless, it gives it off.

Now when i turn them on, they either, do not make the "Power on" speech, or have it cut. Afterwards it completely quiet, as if they were turned off. If I was watching a movie, video, or listening to music, it'd cut out the audio completely, pause whatever I was doing, and only sometimes reconnect by saying "phone 1 connected".

I've tried troubleshooting to the best of my abilities, but I don't think a regular person like me can do anything to fix it, if it can be fixed. 

Having not only the audio cut out, but it also saying that it was disconnected is frustrating, especially when it's one of the best headphones I've used.

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