New Voyager Legend microphone problem

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New Voyager Legend microphone problem



I bought a Voyager Legend headset which has strange microphone low level.

I never managed to use it even one time since the other end cannot hear me.

The voice recognition of the device also cannot hear any command when is

put on ear. If moved mic boom very close to lips it works. It even works if I

block part of the mic boom so my guess it is a software problem with the noise



I contacted customer support week ago, got a reply asking for device details and

support went silent since then.


Anyone with the same problem? Is it possible to downgrade firmware?


device: Voyager Legend

firmware: v110 (HUB says this is the latest firware, came out of the box)

Product ID: 115

tested on: iPhone7 and iPhone SE2020 (same results)



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Re: New Voyager Legend microphone problem

Tech support confirmed this is hardware problem and advise to proceed with RMA. Thanks. 

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