Mute Reminders Vs Mute Alerts on Poly Headset/Speaker

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Mute Reminders Vs Mute Alerts on Poly Headset/Speaker

The purpose of this post to address all the questions surrounding mute status related announcements/alerts like what is mute reminder and mute alert or how are they different from each other and can you remove them or customize them in any way to suite your requirements?


The mute on/off alert is found on majority of the Poly headset/Speaker products and can come handy in various situations but they may still not fit well with each user's environment or preferences. So is it even even possible to get rid of these alerts or tweak them to one's liking?


The answer is Yes partially you can do this, but there are certain limitation to what extent you can control them. By design one can only disable mute reminders in headset settings via HUB/Lens software on Windows/MAC (selected UC devices can also use Plantronics HUB mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones to explore these settings). So Mute Reminders are a periodic audio tone which occurs if you are speaking without realizing your mic. is muted. So this reminder alert can be disabled. However, Mute On/off dialogue upon press of 'Mute' button of headset cannot be disabled completely.


So you can do following:


Pressing Mute to Mute the mic. = Headset will announce "Mute On" and it cannot be disabled.


However unmuting the headset has 2 options you can choose from if you prefer to not hear "Mute Off."


For Mute Off alert you can only choose from below settings under HUB/Lens:


- tone & voice

- tone only



The other way to put it simply is that the moment you press the mute button to mute/unmute then the headset is bound to announce the status headset mic. goes into. Under the current setup one can only replace the responses for "Mute Off" from the above mentioned options.


However pressing mute again to unmute will still show HUB/Lens banners and in case one wishes to completely disable these pop-up banners or notification tones etc. then HUB cannot do so but as a workaround it can be done so via Windows notification settings.


Besides these no other configurations are available as per current feature set on these headset/speaker devices.

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