Multipoint connection not working as expected on Voyager 8200

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Multipoint connection not working as expected on Voyager 8200

I recently got a Voyager 8200 from work to replace my Sony WH-1000XM4 headset that died an untimely death. One major behavioral difference that I've noticed with the 8200 is that if I connect it to both my phone (Bluetooth) and my work laptop (Macbook, either via Bluetooth or BT700 dongle), the headset will switch to my phone if I open anything that might have audio. E.g. I'm listening to music on the laptop, and I open a game on my phone. The headset will switch the audio stream to my phone, even if there's no sound coming from it (i.e. the game's audio is muted and/or the phone's BT volume is all the way down). On my Sonys, they'd only switch if the previous device's audio stream stopped. I.e. I'd have to pause the music on my laptop if I wanted to listen to something from my phone. Is there any way to get the desired behavior with the 8200s?


Detailed information:
Voyager 8200 Series

Firmware v.700

Android 12 with February security patch

Tried both Bluetooth and BT700 pairing to laptop

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Re: Multipoint connection not working as expected on Voyager 8200

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Normally Bluetooth devices are controlled by their respective audio gateway (Host device in this case your PC and smartphone). We always advise to use BT600 or BT700 as your preferred connection to get best quality of audio. So whatever audio gateway is sending to your headset it will try to play it. Sadly we cannot predict 3rd party Bluetooth devices behavior which are running their own customized versions of Bluetooth. But if you are opening the audio channel on your smartphone it will interfere with other ongoing audio on PC side. One workaround normally is to only use your Android phone for either phone audio or media audio and that way your AG will not use headset to route audio for those specific functions (see attached). But if you need to confirm if it is due to Bluetooth limitation or something else then we suggest you to log a ticket for this.


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