MacOS uses BT700 even when no headset connected to it

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MacOS uses BT700 even when no headset connected to it

I have a MacBook with MacOS Montery.  I used my Voyager 4320 UC mostly for virtual meetings (e.g. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.).  When I'm not in a meeting, I often turn my headset off.  I only turn it on when I'm joining a meeting.


MacOS lets you have a default audio device.  My choices are:

  • MacBook Pro Speakers
  • Poly BT700

Unlike a normal Bluetooth device, the Poly BT700 is available as a device when the headset itself is powered off or disconnected.


When I set the Poly BT700 as the default MacOS audio device, but the headset is off (e.g. outside of a meeting), I get no audio from the MacBook (presumably because it's being funneled to the BT700 and lost).


Conversely, when I set MacBook Pro Speakers as the default, I do get audio outside of meetings; however, when I turn on the headset and join the virtual meeting, the meeting app is also using the MacBook Pro Speakers (because they're the default) and I have to manually go into that apps settings to change to a non-default.


This is really frustrating.


I know the BT700 knows when the headset is on/connected.  That's how it knows when to turn on the LED light.  But that connectivity awareness is not shared to the operating system through its driver.  The driver reports itself as always available for audio, fooling the MacBook to sending its audio to a dead end.


Has anyone found a work-around for this use case?

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