Focus 2 Call button

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Focus 2 Call button

I was using a Plantronics Focus + BT600 along with Plantronics Hub.

I've upgraded to the Focus 2 + BT700.  If I use the Hub, I can answer calls in my softphone (something called HiHi Connect / Communicator.exe) by pressing the Call button on the side of the headset.  However, if I change to the Poly Hub, this no longer works. 

I note that my softphone app has extensions in it for Plantronics Web API Client v3.4 and Plantronics Add-in v1.0.

Why not keep using the Hub?  Because I'm troubleshooting a problem - a few times each day the headset seems to disconnect from the PC - sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes longer, then reconnects.  Often seems to happen at the end of a call.  I'm sitting less than 0.5m from the BT700,so it's not a distance thing.  The BT700 is plugged into  the PC USB 3.0 port via a plain 2m USB 3.0 extension cable (not a multiway socket).

Any ideas?

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