Flashing Blue - BT600 / 6200UC with Teams and iPhone

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Flashing Blue - BT600 / 6200UC with Teams and iPhone

Recently I started having a problem with my 6200UC and the BT600 used on a corporate laptop with Microsoft Teams. It works fine during Teams calls, but at some point after I finish a Teams call and hang up the BT600 dongle will start flashing blue. It continues to work fine with MS Teams on the laptop. It doesn't normally flash blue though. When it starts flashing blue then I know it's misbehaving.


The problem I have, and it starts when the dongle is flashing blue, is I cannot use the 6200UC with my iPhone. The iPhone shows the 6200UC is paired and connected but the audio simply doesn't work when playing music on the iPhone but more importantly during incoming or outgoing iPhone calls. Spotify and the Phone app both show they are using the Bluetooth 6200UC headset but it simply doesn't work, neither the earphone speakers nor the microphone. This is most frustrating during income phone calls because of all the futzing required to get to the phone call. People tell me to get rid of the garbage headset.


This seems to happen randomly but almost daily now. 


The BT600 is on the latest firmware v.2120


It all used to work fine before, except for the volume with the iPhone. Every incoming phone call after I answer I need to press a volume button to get normal volume in the earpiece as it starts off extremely low and I can't hear. Somehow a single press of volume button gives it a kick.

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