Does the BT700 USB-C adapter ever actually flash purple?

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Does the BT700 USB-C adapter ever actually flash purple?

I recently purchased the Voyager 4320 UC headset with the BT700 USB-C adapter. Both have been updated to the latest firmware available:


Voyager 4320 UC

  • Product ID 0167
  • FW 0.0.518.2109



  • Product ID 02E6
  • FW 0.0.315.2299


According to the manual, the LED on the adapter should flash blue during calls and flash purple while streaming media from the computer. What I'm seeing instead is the LED on the adapter being solid blue during calls (in other words, no change compared to when the headset is connected but is not being used) and flashing blue while streaming. I've never seen it flash purple. I tested on multiple computers with different Windows versions (7, 10).


I verified that I get stereo sound while streaming and that the headset reproduces frequencies above 7 kHz, so I don't think I actually have a problem; I'm just puzzled by the behavior I see being inconsistent with the manual.


In other words, am I missing something or is the manual wrong?

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Re: Does the BT700 USB-C adapter ever actually flash purple?

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Your post does not include much details. Please mind that if your using Microsoft Teams and if it is active and running at the same time then LED behavior will be different. Please refer to user manual page 4 and if that is the case then you have your answer. If this is not the case then you need to contact our technical support team so that they can investigate and advise accordingly.


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