Disappointing ANC with Voyager Focus 2

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Disappointing ANC with Voyager Focus 2

Hi all.  I am new to the world of ANC and I'm underwhelmed with the built-in ANC (2 levels) of the Voyager Focus 2 (BT700/Teams).  I'm curious if my expectations are just too high, or if the product is malfunctioning.  I can "hear" noise being reduced when the ANC is turned-on, but the noise it's reducing is just computer fan noise.  So, unfortunately all this does is bring the other surrounding conversations into focus.


Our office is generally on the noisy side, but it's only 10 employees.  There are a lot of side conversations outside of my office and I'm hoping to reduce some of these 2nd-hand interruptions.


On another answer I read this statement from the Poly employee: "But Poly Headset ANC normally responds well to low-frequency (80 to 700 Hz) background noise."

If this is a software limited range, is it possible to raise the frequency response (to the typical vocal range) of the ANC, so that it may reduce the volume of some of these distant conversations?


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Re: Disappointing ANC with Voyager Focus 2

Hello @tedsarr,


Welcome to Poly Community.


This post lacks basic minimum details to advise any course of action. We urge all community members to adhere to this practice for smoother information exchange.  From the description there is not enough evidence of hardware failure so if you are looking for some troubleshooting assistance to see if it is intended behavior of headset or failure then it can only be checked by our technical support team. Also your suggestion to raise the frequency response appears to be a feature request and our ticketing system has the options to record such feedback so you can add it in your technical support ticket. You can use this link to connect with technical support team.


Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as a Poly employee.
 Please raise a ticket with Poly Technical Support.


 You will need to provide the following:




• Provide HUB/Lens verbose logs (if issue is easily reproducible or requested) & its version in use
• Video of issue if possible as it will help visualize the issue.


• Provide screenshots related to issue or error messages.
• Serial number or firmware version of headset/speaker/USB dongle when issue is noticed.
• Softphone version in use.


• Operating System in use.






Please ensure you always check the FAQ's.
 Please remember, if you see a post that helped you, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accept as Solution".
This forum reply, or post is based upon my personal experience and does not reflect the opinion or view of my employer. Poly employee participation within this community is not mandatory and any post or FAQ article provided by myself is done either during my working hours or outside working hours, in my private time, and may be answered on weekends, bank holidays or personal holidays.


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