BT600 flashing blue

Poly Mukesh
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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Hello michele.berardo@gmail.com 


This requires further investigation.


Hence we recommend opening a support ticket with Poly to have this resolved as soon as possible. 





Best Regards,
Mukesh Kumar

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Re: BT600 flashing blue


michele.berardo@gmail.com,did you ever find a solution? I am having the same problem with a very similar setup.
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Re: BT600 flashing blue


I've opened a case with Poly and now is at engineering level. I'm waiting.

I will post the result here when finished.


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Re: BT600 flashing blue

I also have the same issue


I tried both plantronic hub and Lens

I tried removing completely the drivers/apps and reinstall from scratch

I even tried removing teams association in settings (changing the default communication app and/or deactivating the team softphone in the hub)


No matter what I try, after a few seconds of the LED beeing purple (and the sound from my phone getting in the headset correctly), the LED on my BT600 decide to start blinking blue even if I’m not currently on a call.

It transmit nothing (white noise) but sever the sound from my phone, it’s getting annoying as I have to disconnect the dongle while not on a communication to be able to listen to music from my phone.


audio streaming is ON

HD voice ON

extended range is OFF

Aware for microsoft is ON


the app and firmware are up to date


I’m replying here to be notified if the issue get resolved


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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Unfortunately, just today, the official Poly support has closed my ticket because my device is out of warranty. Nicolas, your issue and your steps are EXACTLY mine.

Please, if your headset is under warranty, open a case with Poly and let me know results. Can some moderator help us? More users have the same issue and it's impossible to fix it. I think there is something wrong in the firmware. My hardware release is G8 (written in the dongle and in the headset), my colleagues with a different hw revision seem to not have the issue.


Let me know.

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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Hi to all of you with the same issue.

I've an update. Recently I was at office (usually I work from home) and I've done some test with one colleague with the same headset. His hw revision is H8, mine is G8 but it seems to not be important.

My headset works correctly on his laptop and his headset has the same identical issue on my laptop.

We have a very similar setup, with the same policy and same software installed, but he uses Windows 10 1909 and I use Windows 10 21H2, I don't know if it could be in some way important.

Do you have some details to share?

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Re: BT600 flashing blue



My dongle is revision G7

The PC on which it works as expected is windows 10 21H1

The PC on which I have the issue is windows 10 21H2


Maybe it is something in 21H2 ?

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Beyond Conference
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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Hi All, I have tried to get the same situation but I did not succeed in it. I do not get it wrong.


Paired the headset with a android streamed music from it to the headset, called to the softphone on the PC ( Windows 10 21H2). But there is no situation when I get the BT600 start Blue flashing when I am not actually on a call.

BR, Beyond Conference

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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Hello michele.berardo@gmail.com , @NicolasP  and cgibilaro@gmail.com  and everyone else.


The community is in no way connected to our support organisation. Most people use some free email service so we volunteers cannot look up their credentials and search for potentially a ticket being raised with our official support organisation.


If you would us to try and highlight this to product management please share the support ticket raised with Poly support.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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Re: BT600 flashing blue

Android connection seems not to be involved in the issue. I've the same behavior with/without Android connected.

@Nicolas yes maybe something related to 21H2, ma I think it's a set of things, not only 21H2, maybe an Audio driver not working correctly on this OS....I don't know

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