ANC quality? Voyager Focus B825

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ANC quality? Voyager Focus B825

Can you share your experience with ANC in Focus B825? I have bought it som days ago, and in my opinion there is almost no ANC. Maybe it cuts off some part of "permanent" noise like fan or air-condition, but just very little, not talking about "irregular" noises like people talking nearby. 

Unfortunately I realised than in reviews which I was checking before, people were talking about "very good ANC" but what they meant was noise reduction of mic.
I just would like to know - if ANC in this model is so poor, or my unit is somehow defective?

(And I want to stress, that I do not expect reduction to zero.. I know that even bose or sony wh1000 does not do, but in focus reduction is like from 100% noise to 99,9% - almost none)
Firmware does not matter - neither 160 nor after upgrade to 711 is working

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Re: ANC quality? Voyager Focus B825

Hello @Slimcube,


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Voyager Focus UC (now also called as VF1) has an ANC switch so ensure you have switched it On and headset is paired via the BT600 USB adpater and not directly paired with internal Bluetooth radio of your computer. To see usage recommendation of BT600 click here. However, this headset model has only option to turn ANC on or off via switch and unlike newer models it does not have multiple levels of ANC i.e. "Office" or "Nosier Environments"  etc. like Voyager 8200 UC or newer Voyager Focus 2 (VF2).  But Poly Headset ANC normally responds well to low-frequency (80 to 700 Hz) background noise. If the issues are still faced with "ANC On" for the sounds occurring in the above stated threshold then you may have a defective headset. But this needs to be investigated and suggest you to log a ticket for this.


Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as a Poly employee.
 Please raise a ticket with Poly Technical Support.


 You may need to provide the following:


• Provide HUB/Lens verbose logs (if issue is easily reproducible or requested) & its version in use
• call or audio recordings available if any to support this?

• Serial number or firmware version of headset/speaker/USB dongle when issue is noticed.

• Issue faced with mobile calls too or noticed on another PC also?

• PC Operating System in use.


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